"Grow your own veggies all winter long"

Innovative Greenhouse Designs makes it easy to save money and eat healthy with our pre-made and custom greenhouse kits.


In the late summer of 2011, Jim Gariepy and I were talking and discovered that we were both considering building a hoop house (an unheated greenhouse consisting of a series of hoops covered in plastic) to grow food in over the winter months. We were both planning on using a simple, cost-effective design, which involved using PVC for the hoops and 6 mil greenhouse plastic for the covering. So, we placed a group order for the plastic covering and started building the PVC frames.


We provide a variety of affordable four-season gardening solutions, including low tunnels, hoop houses (basic DIY kits or completely installed, custom-fitted houses), soil preparation, plant selection and general consultation.

Mission Statement

To provide people with the tools and knowledge to grow their own fresh, healthy vegetables throughout all or most of the year, regardless of climate.